wow its been a little bit since i’ve been here, well i’m working on making this blog look cooler, most likely will be done by friday with this blogs new theme
also I’m going to be adding more tutorials for cool things that I’ve found, also on friday


updates/newtwork slide out right tab (extra 3rd tab)

this code is to get a third slide out tab from using this tutorial

1. Put this code directly before </style> or after <style> if you can’t find that.

2. Put this code directly after <body> and fill in the ‘SLIDE TITLE’ and what you want the slide out text to be when you hover over it!

Please like  if this was helpful! xxx

more slide out tabs options here


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8/19/13- tutorials added
7/27/13- theme 4 added
7/11/13- theme 3 added